We just have a couple more meetings for the committee to finalize plans for the reunion. 

Here is what each of you can be working on.  See if you know anyone on our "Missing" list.  Start making a list of songs for Charlie Blackmore to play saturday evening, something from the 70's to this year, I am sure he can play it!
And get ready for a fun time!


JULY 27 - JULY 29, 2012    

 FRIDAY EVENING EVENTS       Social  @  Orr Street Studio  6:30  pm  until ???  This event is a BYOB!!   We will provide cups, ice and finger foods.

                      SATURDAY MORNING EVENTS      Tour High schools???   Sorry, but this will not be happening!               

                                                                     SATURDAY LATE AFTERNOON/EVENING EVENTS  Les Bourgeois 4 pm- Sunset   At the A-Frame we have reserved the Gooseneck Deck (and a bartender) for the evening.  They sell wine, beer and soda.   There will be a $3 cover for Rock the Riverboat Summer Music Series - Denzil & Jonathon will be the entertainment.   Dinner will be each person's responsibility.  The A-Frame sells snacks, sandwiches and beverages (  You can also bring in your own food if you wish.  The only caveat is that it can not be in another restaurant's container.   We would like to have a head count for this event, so if you are interested in attending, please send us an email.    

                                                                                                             If you want to continune after sunset, Deja Vu has a 10:15 pm show with April Macie.  
                                                                                                              SUNDAY EVENTS Golf outing at Old Hawthorne, tee times will be in the morning. The cost for this will be $60 per person, this includes a cart. Old Hawthorne has a dress code for men: no denim and collard shirts (tucked in), no cargo shorts. For women it is collard shirts and no denim. If you are interested in participating in this event, please send us an email and we will add you to the list.  
                                                                                                                   Visit with family/friends that still live in Columbia MO
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